Saving the world (wide web)


Föreläsare: Beate Sørum, driver fondbolaget b.bold i Oslo, Norge
Rum: 357
Tid: 15.30 – 16.15

With wolf culling on the top of the national agenda, WWF Norway was receiving more traffic and attention than ever before. There was only one problem: On the website, people kept getting lost in years old information, and those who might have felt compelled to help out weren’t asked to, and if they tried on their own volition – many could not complete the action.

In order for WWF Norway to keep saving the world, they had to first save their world wide web. In this session, digital designer and fundraiser Beate Sørum will break down the case study of how WWF has increased the number of donors who sign up online, increased the share of digitally signed up donors who pay the first month directly, and made sure that attention now leads to action. So that WWF can keep on saving the world’s wildlife.

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