Digital Analytics and Insights: Unlocking Your Online Potential


Föreläsare: James Herlihy – Director of Digital Strategy and Transformation at Mindwize Netherland
Rum: 359
Tid: 13:15 – 14:00

Do you know which organic search terms are delivering the most donations for your organisation? How about the fundraising contribution of organic vs advertised social media? Which Facebook audiences are giving you the best advertising ROI, and which advertising messages are converting the most donors?

Despite the huge amount of data available on online supporter behaviour, most charities are missing out on actionable insights that could deliver more income. This is due to poor web analytics configuration, a lack of business-driven reporting processes and a general lack of understanding across the sector.

This session will aim to address these shortfalls by providing a practical, experience-driven overview of digital analytics and some of the most important tools, opportunities and pitfalls Mindwize sees in our charity partners and Benchmarking participants.

Prepare to be armed to improve your online results!

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