Digital Fundraising; The powers of an effective Peer to Peer campaign and how it fits into the overall Digital Fundraising Strategy


Föreläsare: Rebecca Thomson, Marketing Professional, iRaiser
Rum: 353
Tid: 13.15 – 14.00

In this session we aim to provide people attending with practical tools and tips that they can implement straight away into their own fundraising strategies to make their Peer to Peer program a success. We will explore and dissect P2P from the grass-roots level and why community fundraising is important to the overall fundraising strategy. We will review the three pillars to success; Acquisition, Conversion and Retention
As well as discuss and consider digital marketing to support P2P programs, the power of the data obtained and the ability to use P2P as an attractive Corporate staff engagement product. Throughout the seminar we will provide case examples to inspire Sweddish NFP’s

Detta seminarium kommer vara på engelska