Ina Toften

Föreläsning/Seminar: A digital fundraising story – past, present and future

During the last couple of years WWF-Norway has been very successful in their digital communication targeting potential monthly donors, so called “faddere”. The key to the success has been using Facebook as the main fundraising platform, utilizing the channel to create engagement for WWF’s cause, which in turn has resulted in a steady increase of monthly donors. Ina, shares her insights into the different factors behind the success story.

About Ina: 
Ina Toften, Director of Communication and Fundraising, has worked for WWF-Norway for 15 years. She has closer to 30 years of experience within communication from the NGO- and public sector and has nine years of experience with fundraising. In WWF-Norway she was central in establishing Earth Hour as a national campaign before she became Head of Communications and later Head of the Communication and Fundraising department. Ina has a major in Mass Communication from the University of Bergen.