iraiser – How to gain 40,000 new Digital Donors

In this exciting 20 minute seminar with Kim Nielsen, our goal is to inspire your 2021 digital fundraising activities by showcasing you three different thematic case studies. As we elaborate on their successes we will share with you some best practice tips on how to acquire new donors during this Pandemic.

At iRaiser we do not only focus on the charity sector, but in the last eight years, we have specialised in seven different non-profit sectors; Charities, Corporate Foundations, Art & Cultural Foundations, Schools & Universities, Faith Organisations, Political Parties, Hospitals & Research institutions.
We have helped our partners raise over 1 Billion Euros and have worked alongside more than 550 non-profits globally. The case studies we will present are:

  • Charity – Shelter UK, who underwent an incredible digital transformation and they have raised more than 9.5 million pounds in less than four years after using iRaiser.
  • Museum – The Louvre Museum, based in France, which has received more than 10,000 donations with 60% recurring donors.
  • University – Bocconi in Milan, who have had a successful two year fundraising campaign where they raised more than 200,000 euros, engaging their alumni.

We hope to share with you best practice tips on how to gain more donors. But also, to inspire your local and international activities here in Sweden, with some world-class digital fundraising stories that you’ll only hear from us.

Whether you are joining this seminar as a representative of a charity, museum, university or any other non-profit sector, you will walk away with fresh and intelligent ideas on how to activate and lead your digital fundraising activities.

We look forward to meeting during the event.
(This seminar will be in English)

Kim Nielsen is the Account Manager for Sweden and Norway. She just re-joined the iRaiser Nordics branch based in Copenhagen after having worked for a charity in Hong Kong for the last three years. She has an interdisciplinary background in international relations, resource mobilization and digital fundraising, having worked for the UN, universities and a variety of organisations. Please feel free to reach her at


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