Webinar with Inpay – How international money transfers work and what iNGOs should be doing to improve

Have you ever experienced an unforeseen challenge, delay or hidden cost when trying to transfer money internationally?

And are you making the most of your fundraising efforts?

In this seminar we will be shedding light on what the most common challenges experienced by iNGOs are when it comes to international money transfers. We will lay out the findings from a research study amongst international NGOs from 2023 showing what kind of environment NGOs face when it comes to international payments.

Above insights and our experience from direct work with our NGO clients provides a good platform for those vital conversations around what to be aware of and what to do about the increasing compliance requirements, lack of transparency and uncertainty of money arrival. Our CRO Camila Vicenci Witt will also be sharing her perspective on international compliance frameworks and how to navigate.

Please join us to discuss and take away some key insights into what your peers experience when sending money around the world and what the root causes are.

This webbinar is free of charge.

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