Our board

Giva Sverige is a non-profit association for fundraising organisations, and we have a board that consists of eight board members representing Giva Sverige’s member organisations. The board is elected by the general assembly, it is on a voluntary basis. You can find their contact details below.

Giva Sverige's board 2022-2023

Paula Guillet de Monthoux

Generalsekreterare, World Childhood foundation

Tel: +46(0)73 673 94 92

Mikael Färjsjö

Insamlingschef små gåvor, Hjärnfonden

Mob: 070-954 63 47

Ewa Rutqvist Holmstedter

Kanslichef - We Effect

Mob: 070-929 62 27

Alexander Clemenson

Generalsekreterare, KFUM Sverige

Mob: 0736612270

Christine Cars-Ingels

Generalsekreterare, Riksförbundet HjärtLung

Mob: 0709727994

Erik Johansson

Insamlingschef, Sverige för UNHCR

Mob: 070-9242885

Filip Goldmann

Chef ekonomi, IT och HR Företagarna

Mob: 0704256474

Maria Arneng

Generalsekreterare - Hello World

Mob: 076-006 94 13

Governing documents

Giva Sverige by-laws (in Swedish)


Guidelines for Giva Sverige's nominating committee (in Swedish)