Become a member

As a member, your organisation will get access to fundraising specific training courses, seminars, research, as well as events for members only. By complying with the Giva Sverige Quality Code, your organisation will get help in creating strong governance and internal control. Being a member of Giva Sverige will help you develop more professional fundraising activities in support of your mission. You will also be part of supporting better conditions for transparent, ethical, and professional fundraising in Sweden.

You can read more about the Quality Code under Governance & Compliance or, for Swedish, click here.

If you are interested in becoming a member you must; 1) fundraise on a regular basis and 2) adhere to Giva Sverige’s Quality Code and follow the requirements on reporting.

In support of your application, you must provide Giva Sverige with the following documents:
1. The assurance that your organisation will follow the ‘Giva Sverige Quality Code’
2. The organisation’s by-laws
3. Certificate of registration stating the organisation’s legal vehicle (association, trust, non-profit organisation etc.)
4. A directory of the organisation’s board members (B8)
5. The latest annual report and a statement from an independent auditor
6. A URL to the organisation’s website
7. A policy document on the organisation’s fundraising activities (E1)
8. The working practices of the board (B10)
9. The governing document on the organisation’s strategic management (C1)
10. Documented guidelines for the senior executive (C4)
11. A policy document on the organisation’s finances (D1)
12. The organisation’s delegation procedures (D15)
13. The organisation’s code of conduct (F1)
14. An extract from the organisation’s minutes showing that the board/annual meeting decided to apply for a Giva Sverige membership.

Giva Sverige secretariat process all membership applications and provide Giva Sverige’s board with a recommendation. After a final decision has been made by the board, the member organisation has 9 months to report on, and to fulfill the demands stated by the Quality Code.

For further information please contact Emelie Morén at