Governance & Compliance

Giva Sverige continuously works to strengthen and improve governance and compliance within those organisations working with fundraising. We provide tools and guidelines that are necessary for our members to ensure the asking and handling of donations stays ethical, that internal control and compliance routines are in place, and that proper reporting is done.

Information about the donations and the organisation’s work should be readily available. It is important that the general public, and in particular, the donors feel confident in the organisations they support, which is why our members must be compliant with the ‘Giva Sverige Quality Code’.

All members must follow Giva Sverige’s Quality Code and the guidelines for ethical fundraising. The purpose of the Code is to support members to work with internal control and good quality in the organisation’s governance. The fundraising guidelines help organisations to conduct fundraising activities and related areas in an ethical way. Every two years, members must provide Giva Sverige with documentation stating that they follow the Code, as well as a an assessment conducted by an auditor. A detailed financial report and an impact report must be provided annually.

Giva Sverige also cooperates internationally with other national fundraising associations to promote international ethical principles for fundraising.

For detailed information of the Code, guidelines for impact reporting, and international statement of ethical principles please read the full documents below.

Impact Reporting Guidelines


International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising