Intervju med Anne-Marie Grey

Anne-Marie Grey

Anne-Marie Grey, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of USA för UNHCR brings more than 30 years of fundraising and marketing experience – both in the United States and internationally. In May we will get a chance to listen to her when she set the scene for Insamlingsforum 2019. We got the chance to ask her a few questions about fundraising. 

How come you started working with fundraising? 
– Well I never planned to be a fundraiser. I studied art history and was employed with the National Gallery of Australia where I worked in the publications team developing and marketing a range of publications and products to support major exhibitions. Fundraising was in its infancy in Australia and we looked to the US and the UK to develop our fundraising programs. I loved marketing and had the opportunity to work on securing sponsorships for major exhibitions and acquisitions as well as working on a comprehensive fundraising plan for the Gallery. I then went of to work with a number of other cultural institutions and humanitarian organizations in Australia, the UK and the US before working UNICEF, Save the Children and UNHCR and a range of clients in my consulting practice.

What is the biggest change you who have noticed in this field so far?
– The shift in trust. Non-profits no longer hold all the answers and solutions and the scrutiny placed on us is tremendous. While well meaning, it is often based on false assumptions as to what constitutes a good or effective non-profit.

What is the biggest challenge working with fundraising?
– Finding the value added that non-profits bring to donor relationship in a world where technology and social media allow donors to connect directly to their causes.

What impact could fundraising have on the modern world?
– I believe we can directly encourage more people than ever before to take actions that can directly impact a positive change in the world.

If you only could give one advice to the people working with fundraising, what advice would you give them? 
– Look outside of the non-profit sector for the best techniques to enhance communications, marketing and engagement with our current and prospective  donors.

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