Natasha Rosenthall

Föreläsning/Seminar: DRTV – the inspiring powerhouse of supporter recruitment worldwide

Direct Response Television is little understood by many fundraisers, and is the subject of many misconceptions. This session will look at how fundraisers in 30+ countries are using TV to create strong and sustainable income streams.

Based on global data and experience globally this session will demonstrate how DRTV can inspire long-term sustainable donations from large volumes of supporters. What was once seen as a luxury medium for high-profile brands, is now proving itself as a return-on-investment-driven channel that works way beyond the traditional proposition of regular giving. Cash gifts, event participants, legacy supporters…can all be brought to your cause via direct response television. We will look at creative examples and data gathered globally that takes DRTV into new areas of fundraising, and examine DRTV both as a stand-alone channel and as the creative heart of integrated campaigns.


About Natasha (Tash):
Tash Rosenthall is an Executive Producer at DTV, working across a variety of global charity clients creating films to help increase income and deliver high numbers of loyal supporters. Her passion is developing engaging and thought-provoking creative to generate a response and unite potential supporters behind different cause areas.

She cut her teeth in the fundraising sector within fundraising agencies and inhouse at Unicef UK. With over 10 years of experience in the sector working across the main channels of DM, F2F, DRTV and digital as well as integrated campaigns on a global scale. She loves presenting and mentoring, most recently helping to set up FemMentored a programme specifically for women in the third sector, with 200 participants on the latest cohort. Tash also loves the theatre and live comedy so is always good to ask for recommendations for what to see!