Exploring Nordic Generosity

Welcome to the very first Nordic Donor Survey!

We are pleased to introduce an exclusive opportunity for Nordic non-profit organizations to gain invaluable insights into the philanthropic landscape of the region. Hosted by the fundraising associations of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden – ISOBRO, VaLa, Fundraising Norge, and Giva Sverige, respectively – this special
webinar unveils the findings of the first ever Nordic Donor Survey.

Join us as we explore Nordic generosity and delve into the key findings of a series of questions to better understand the dynamics of charitable giving in our countries. By participating you will explore the diverse spectrum of donating behaviors prevalent among Nordic countries, discover the array of causes that resonate with donors, uncover the primary channels through which individuals become aware of charitable
needs, and anticipate future trends in charitable giving by discerning the causes that individuals are inclined to support.

The webinar is open and free of charge for members of the four fundraising organizations. The research has been conducted by YouGov and sponsored by Vipps Mobilepay.

Welcome to join the webinar Thursday April 18 at 13.00-14.30 CET and 14.00-15.30 Finnish time.